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The Little Bookworm

Enhancing speech language and literacy

Speech Therapy for Children

Some children require specialist Speech pathology assistance. We provide speech pathology in a relaxed, fun, play based environment for children with conditions such as:

The philosophy of The Little Bookworm is to provide a range of services to target a range of needs. These include:



For children who have a speech, language or literacy delay or disorder,

Early detection

Programs to identify children at risk of developing speech, language or literacy disorders as we know that treatment is more effective when a child is in his/her pre-school years, and

Primary Prevention

Providing the community with strategies that parents and carers can use to strengthen oral language skills in very young children, in particular children who have an early delay or are at risk of developing language disorders. As an example have a look our book Careful Audrey!


Research shows us children who have strong spoken language skills before they enter school have a greater chance of succeeding academically and developing strong literacy skills.


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Development of Speech Sounds
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