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Careful Audrey!

This book is now only available by visiting our clinic, or requesting an order via phone (03) 9878 2578.

Price $19.95 plus postage.


Audrey and Henry are playful dogs who adore Claire. They live by a river and love having adventures with their friends, Kara Kookaburra, Pablo Snail, and Edward Bear (Teddy). They are an unlikely, but close group of friends In this, their first of many adventures, Audrey and her friends go for a walk with Claire. Audrey joyfully runs, jumps, swims and rolls. "Uh Oh!" warns Pablo. Audrey has several close calls with the little creatures that share the river bank. Together Audrey and her friends find a way to have fun whilst respecting the creatures that share her environment.

Language enrichment opportunities

Careful Audrey has been designed by speech pathologist, Dr. Michelle O'Brien.  It provides many opportunities for children to practice and develop their spoken language skills.  Below are some examples.

Between 9 and 18 months, before saying words, children often like to make animal and environmental noises.  Some examples found in Careful Audrey! are woof (dog), buzz (bee), quack (duck), ob ob (fish), ribbit (frog), and tick-tock (watch).

Around 12 to 18 months children begin using the names of animals, objects and actions, e.g. dog, bee, duck, fish, frog, teddy, ball, car, truck, clock, bubble, snail, bird, run jump and swim.

Between 18 months and 2 years children start putting two words together, e.g. "Audrey ball", "teddy fall", "dog run".

Around 2 to 3 1/2 years, language develops quickly and sentences become longer e.g. "dog swim", "mummy has basket", "oh no, Audrey is sad", and "look! Duck hiding".

Between 3 1/2 and 5 years children put their own ideas into stories, relate the ideas in a story to their own experiences, tell a story from the pictures, play with rhythm and rhyme, and understand the underlying message of a story.  This is also a time when children's knowledge of words (vocabulary) develops rapidly.  We have embedded a number of Australian native birds, fish and other animals into these pages.  Children will love learning the names of the creatures that share the river with Audrey and her friends.

Give the gift of language - purchase Careful Audrey for a little person in your world!

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