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Helping children with Autism

We provide friendly, play based speech pathology services to children with Autism. Children who have a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Autism or Asperger's Syndrome often have complex language difficulties. When children are very young, they may have a delay in their language development. They may show other early signs such as minimal eye contact, limited imaginative play, and speech therapy toddlersa lack of 'shared reference'. As they get older, symptoms may include a literal understanding of language, difficulties making sense of the rules of social communication, and understanding non-verbal cues such as other people's facial expression.

Children with this disorder may also have problems with their understanding spoken and written language and their ability to communicate with others (receptive and expressive language).In some cases (but definitely not all), Autism is accompanied by an intellectual disability. In some cases children with Autism will develop little or no speech, and will communicate using non-verbal communication systems, such as sign language or using communication aids.

It is great that there is now some much needed financial support for families who have children with Autism. For more information review the Autism Victoria information pack that provides an overview of supports available to families.

One source of funding available is Helping Children with Autism package funded by FaHCSIA. This funding allows parents of children under 6 years of age to apply for $12,000 which can be used for therapy services such as Speech Pathology. For more information about how to apply for this funding go to Autism Victoria's parent information brochure.

We are a service provider that is able to provide speech pathology services to children who have this funding available to them.

There are a number of excellent sites that provide information to parents about Autism. Autism Victoria (AMAZE), and Raising Children Network, are great sources of information.

If you would like to know more about speech pathology services for your child who has either been diagnosed with Autism, or who may be showing some early signs of Autism, please contact us on '(03) 9878 2578(03) 9878 2578'


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